Video: Mozilla show off Seabird concept smartphone

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Mozilla may be best known for their excellent Firefox web browser but, if this concept design video is anything to go by, it looks as though their creativity knows no bounds.

Moving away from software and into hardware (smartphone hardware to be precise), Mozilla have just revealed this intriguing design video of what they’re dubbing the Seabird handset.

Just as Firefox has a ton of extensions, so too does the Seabird pack in a ton of unusual, hi-tech features. Dual pico-projectors beam out a fullsize, split QWERTY keyboard, while the back houses an embedded 3D spatial remote control/ Bluetooth headset combo.

That’s in addition to an 8 megapixel camera and touchscreen interface, of course.

As ever, being a concept design, don’t expect this to hit shops any time soon, but Mozilla certainly have some bold ideas should they ever enter into the competitive realm of smartphone manufacturing.

Gerald Lynch
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