Nokia to turn to Windows Phone 7 platform to aid ailing smartphone division?

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nokia-logo.jpgNokia are said to be considering developing a Windows Phone 7 smartphone handset.

A “trusted source” from Nokia has claimed it highly likely that the Finnish phone manufacturers will try out Microsoft’s latest mobile OS in an upcoming handset.

Such a move would make Windows Phone 7 the third biggest mobile platform behind Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

It’s been quite a rocky month for Nokia already. Long-time CEO Olli-Pekka Kallavuo was given his marching orders, while another member of the Nokia old-guard, Mobile Solutions manager Anssi Vanioki, stepped down just days later.

Interesting times at Nokia HQ then. If the Windows Phone 7 tie-in comes to fruition, where for instance does that leave the long-awaited Meego operating system? Nokia have been keen to stress in the past that they have no immediate plans to use Google’s Android OS, but the appointment of ex-Microsoft-er Stephen Elop as new CEO seems to have swung a slightly biased favour towards the latest Windows mobile OS.

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  • Nokia is very famous company for mobile phone because its quality so fine and mostly person use it but nowadays we are seeing its convert into window phone7.

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