The Telegraph launches its Best Of iPad app

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1dailytele.jpgThe Telegraph has launched its “Best Of” iPad app.

The app, which features a selection of news from The Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph is a feature-light water-tester before the launch of a paid-for offerieng, probably later this year. And it shows.

As far as newspaper apps go, which have, if we’re honest, all fallen short of where we’d hoped they’d be, this is one of the worst. It is, to its credit snappy. But that’s all it’s really go going for it.

By calling it a Best Of app they can pretty much cut out whatever content they want which is frustrating. The navigation is dull and finding worthwhile stories is a desperately tedious chore. It feels like an app template rather than something anyone has spent any time whatsoever on.

The presentation of the article themselves is actually pretty good, though the size of the font is a tad overwhelming and if your eyes are even reasonably useful you’ll find it a tad odd. I myself can read the article from 8 feet away.

The frontpage is a glum site and fails to live up to even the New York Times, Metro or the currently best iPad newspaper app, Wall Street Journal.

The experience of using it is pretty flat and featureless. Download it yourself today for free and see what you reckon.

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