Samsung SGH-i916 Windows Phone 7 handset pictured

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Samsung Cetus SGH-i916.JPG

Windows Phone 7 handsets are coming thick and fast now, with the latest to be caught in the wild being this Samsung handset, the SGH-i916.

So far little is known about the Windows Phone 7 SGH-i916, presumably part of the same family as the recently revealed SGH-i917. Pictured here next to an iPhone 4, we can guess that it’s got a roughly 4 inch screen, likely AMOLED if the precedent set by previous Samsung handsets is anything to go by.

A similar handset, codenamed the Samsung Cetus, previously popped up over at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group page. It too had an AMOLED display and 4 inch screen, with other specs including GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a 5MP camera and VGA front facing camera too.

Via: Engadget

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