Samsung i8700 Windows Phone 7 snapped in spyshots

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samsung-i8700-windows-phone-7-1.jpgThough the big M haven’t exactly set the world on fire with their mobile phones in the past, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system seems to be filling all the right boxes with big, confident ticks.

With the early-October launch now creeping towards us, a few spyshots of the new Samsung i8700 Windows Phone 7 handset have come to light, and it’s looking like one of the sleekest phones running the new handset yet.


Very little info on the handset so far, though as well as having Microsoft’s OS on board, there does also seem to be a camera with LED flash and 8GB of built-in storage on board.

More on this one as we get it.

Via: Gizmodo

Gerald Lynch
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