Retro iPhone dock turns your mobile into a Mad Men rotary dialler…sort of…

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iRetrophone Skyliner.jpg

You head out to the shops, wages in hand, and head over to the Apple store to buy their latest, greatest iPhone 4 handset, complete with all the high-spec bells and whistles of a top-notch smartphone.

What do you do next? You head online and buy a dock that sends it back to the dark ages by turning it into a 1950s rotary dialler.

Senseless it may be, but there is no denying the film-noir “Mad Men” era chic that the iRetrofone Skyliner has. Sure, it’s not quite a rotary dialler (you’re using the phone’s touchscreen after all) but pop your Apple blower into the dock and it’ll not only charge your phone, but also allow you to use the chunky wired handset during calls too.

It’s $250 though. Yeah, we’ll pass too.

Buy it from Etsy.

Gerald Lynch
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