Bose launch their first ever TV set: the VideoWave

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Bose Videowave.jpgBose have announced details of their first ever TV set, the VideoWave. The company best known for their high-end home audio gear, will be launching the feature-rich 46-inch screen next month.

Perhaps the main draw to the VideoWave is its built-in speakers, which offer surround sound high-quality audio from a single enclosure.

“There are no separate speakers, bass module or speaker wires,” reads Bose press release. “Now, for the first time, a single enclosure delivers a high-definition picture and the audio experience of a high-quality home theatre system.”

The VideoWave also features a unique “ClickPad” remote control, which uses a touch pad and just a few essential buttons to navigate the onscreen controls.

“The Bose VideoWave system creates an entirely new category of product,” said Santiago Carvajal, business director for Bose Video Products.

“We first combined picture and sound without compromising either. That gave us an opportunity to solve another problem recognised by nearly everyone: the complexity of using multiple remotes to manage separate devices — like a Blu-ray player, cable box, iPod or DVR. simplicity.”

You are looking at a price tag of around £6,000 when the screen launches next month.

Gerald Lynch
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