App of the Day: Daniel Johnston's Hi, How Are You?

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Hi How Are You thumb.jpgOne of the joys of having an app store as large as Apple’s is that, if you blink, you can miss a real gem released on there, only to stumble across it by chance long after its initial release. That’s what happened to me this weekend, as I chanced upon the Hi, How Are You? app.

The game is a little like a cross between Frogger and Pacman in 3D, using tilt-controls to direct a googly-eyed creature around a trap-laden maze.

If it all sounds a little overly-familiar, fear not; the app has been designed with the help of singer/songwriter/artist Daniel Johnston, who lends his quirky, beautiful tunes and child-like visual style to the app. He’s quite the troubled genius, but his unique take on the world makes it one of the most surreal and captivating apps on the store.

Hi, How Are You? is currently on sale too, so snap it up before the 19th of this month by clicking here and you’ll pay only £1.19 for it. There’s also a free “Lite” version too, if you’re a bit skint at the moment.

Scroll down for some pics of the app in action.

Gerald Lynch
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