Airphonic offers iPad owners wireless docking solution

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Airphonic dock.jpgFor a company who thrive off of their customers’ desire for total synergy across their tech devices, it was quite an annoying oversight when iPod and iPhone owners found that Apple’s iPad wouldn’t be compatible with their speaker docks. The adaptor pins just dont match up, meaning any songs played through an iPad’s iTunes are restricted either to headphone listening or the tablets small built-in speaker.

Noticing a gap in the market are enterprising manufacturers WireFreeHiFi, whose Airphonic system offers a solution.

The Airphonic system comprises of two dongles, one for the iPad and one for the dock itself. Wireless pairing the dongles together then allows you to stream tracks from your iPad to practically any iPhone/iPod compatible speaker system.

As the system uses “Kleer wireless audio technology” according to its manufacturer, you’ll get far less drop outs than with a Bluetooth device, as well as full CD quality sound. The wireless signal is good for up to ten metres, allowing you to wander about the house, iPad in tow, and still listen to and change tracks and playlists.

Airphonic is available in two versions – one for the iPad and iPod for £79.95 and another which adds iPhone compatibility for an extra ten pounds.

Check them out by clicking here.

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