Revo AXiS digital radio iPod dock with support coming soon from Firebox

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Revo AXiS.jpgIf you’re a user of the music streaming service, you’ll already know that it rocks, providing you with personalised playlists from their catalogue of 5 million tracks based upon the artists you select as your favourites. It’s a really great way to find new music, and it’s now also coming as part of the impressive Revo AXiS digital radio iPod dock, available from mid-October from Firebox.

It’s sporting a rather nifty design too. Your iPhone or iPod docks on top of the box, with a chunky volume dial sitting in the middle. A 3.5″ TFT touchscreen takes care of the controls with an icon-driven interface that should be easy enough to navigate for even technophobes.

In terms of sound quality, the Revo AXiS boasts an 8W class D amplifier and NXT’s patented Balanced Radiator (BR) loudspeaker technology, which according to the press release “combine the performance attributes of an NXT flat panel speaker, with the pistonic movement of a conventional loudspeaker” resulting in “a smooth frequency response, expansive sound stage and satisfying bass”.

As well as digital and internet radio capabilities, the Revo AXiS is also equipped with stereo RCA, AUX-IN, 3.5mm headphone and iPod/iPhone video out connections.

As for the support, you can hook up with any previously activated account, or start a brand new one using the touchscreen itself. The radio comes with a 31 day subscription, after which you have to pay £3.00 a month.

All in, it’s one of the most fully featured radio/dock mash-ups we’ve seen in a while. Available from the 15th October, it’s priced at £199.99. We hope to have a review unit in for testing soon, so check back then to see our full thoughts.

Gerald Lynch
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  • What a great publish. Thought about can not support by myself although have to give a new comment. The particular unsettled web log that provides significantly expertise for visitors to master by. This genuinely have typically expanded my own horizon. Cheers!

  • Same here, I want a stylish clock radio and the Axis just came to my mind. But without easy access to the alarms or without control of brightness, it can’t be in my bedroom. Shouldn’t be too difficult though 😉

  • Follow up…

    WOW! Great service from the Revo team!

    They have offered to refund the radio but will be applying patch shortly to fix the contrast issue and have resolved the sleep issue to my satisfaction hence i’ll happily keep the radio. From talking to the top brass at Revo seems this was never designed as a clock radio but with these fixes in place should work great!

    Many thanks to the team at Revo!

  • Revo Axis – Great table top radio but if you want it at your bedside look elsewhere!

    I have recently received my Revo Axis in great condition and very timely. After the initial excitement I’d like to pass some thoughts on the radio:

    the good …
    • It looks GREAT!
    • It Sounds great given its size.
    • Its feature rich.
    • Great search functions.
    • The touch screen is great.
    • the interface works well.

    The bad …
    • the lowest level contrast still lights up my whole bedroom at night and making it impossible to look at when the lights are off without completely waking me up. Even functioning as a clock only it is too bright to even leave in the general direction of the bed. It like having a night light one foot from your face while trying to sleep!
    • The sleep function, which is one of the main reason I purchased the radio, is buried many, many levels down the menu that makes it difficult to navigate when you are just getting into bed much less when you are trying to turn it back on in the middle of the night. Seems if I want an easy sleep function I am forced to buy a remote to operate a bed side radio in arms reach feels like a marketing gimmick for extra revenue. I think this feature should be on the bottom left corner of the clock screen opposite the alarm button so it can be set/reset with a single click in the wee hours of the night much like my last two short wave radios.

    My overall comment is that this is a great table top radio in every respect but if you are looking for something in the bedroom look elsewhere; 5 stars as a desktop radio, 1 star as a bedroom radio and its even a bad bedroom clock!

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