More Samsung Tablet specs revealed: 3G set to feature?

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Samsung Galaxy Tape.jpgSamsung have supposedly posted firmware for their forthcoming tablet device online, revealing the first concrete specs of their iPad rival.

While the P1000XXJH3 firmware doesn’t state whether the screen will be OLED, Super AMOLED or LCD, it does reveal the maximum screen resolution to be WVGA at 480×800. It’s lower than that of the iPad’s, but with the Samsung tablet a few inches smaller at just 7 inches across, it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

Other specs thrown up by the firmware include an ARM11 CPU running at 1GHz, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity, as well as full Flash support. Swype, Samsung’s nifty text entry method which has the user drag a finger across the desired letters rather than tapping away, is also set for inclusion.

And while a 3G connection wasn’t among the specs revealed in the firmware, it does seem that Vodafone are planning data plans to go along with the tablet. The below screenshot was supposedly taken from Vodafone’s inventory system, clearly showing a contract for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and stands so far as the clearest indication that a 3G connection could feature.

samsung tablet vodafone contract.png

We’ll have more on the Samsung tablet following this year’s IFA conference in Berlin, where it is expected to make its official début.

Via: OLED-Display/ Engadget

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