More details of the Google Chrome web store revealed at Game Developer Conference Europe

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chrome web store.jpgGoogle have given attendees of this year’s Games Developer Conference Europe a detailed look behind the closed doors of their web store, before it officially goes live in October.

Though it’s looking more than a little bit like Apple’s iTunes store, a few significant differences could tempt app developers into the Google fold.

Firstly, Google’s cut from apps sold on their web store will be minuscule. In fact, all Google will ask for is a 5% processing fee for getting apps onto the platform, compared to the 70/30 split developers currently have to accept with iTunes. As a result, the Chrome store will surely be full of apps by the time it launches, as the vast majority of profits made will stay firmly in developers pockets.

Free trials and subscription-supported web apps will also be available, as well as in-app payments. Free trials and in-app payments will surely appeal to games developers, what with the growing trend for micro-payments within mobile games, while subscription models could work out well for publishers looking to get their magazines and newspapers web-bound. Pricing will initially be in dollars, but international currencies will roll out for payments in early 2011, so keep an eye out for exchange rate fluctuations in the meantime and potentially grab yourself a bargain.

Gmail and Buzz support is also expected to feature, while HTML5 and Flash will also feature.

Expect more news on the Chrome web store in the run up to its October launch.

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