Auluxe Audio launch Dew 2.1 Mini Hi-Fi system

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auluxe dew.jpgAuluxe Audio are launching a new 2.1 Mini Hi-Fi system, enigmatically called the Dew.

Winners of the Red Dot Design award and using fully recyclable materials, Auluxe are aiming the Dew speakers at those who are as conscious of their green credentials as they are of their niftily designed audio gear.

The cube shaped speakers have a 44W output power with a frequency range of 60 to 20,000. Weighing 6.7kg and relatively portable in size (69 x 77 x 123 for the satellites and 210 x 210x 228 for the sub), Auluxe see the speakers just as at home blasting out tunes for a garden party as they are for mellowing out in the living room.

You can pick the speakers up here from Amazon, priced £199. They’re also being stocked at Marks and Spencer and Micro Anvika too.

Gerald Lynch
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