Asus CineVibe force feedback gaming headset rumbles your brains

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cinevibe.jpgAsus are launching a new gaming headset. Called the CineVibe, they quite literally pack a punch, rumbling your head in time to the action screen thanks to built in force feedback tech.

“The inclusion of moving bass, force feedback reactive vibration and superior audio quality put the all-new ASUS CineVibe miles ahead of other headphones, providing an entirely upgraded personal audio experience,” says the press release. “CineVibe headphones use advanced audio rendering to provide impressive bass as well as precision mid and high range output, making them ideal for exciting gaming and movie watching.

“Better yet, the biggest attraction with CineVibe headphones is the addition of reactive force feedback that vibrates in tandem with the action on screen, creating a gripping experience. Unlike the forgettable sound of most headphones, CineVibe headphones evoke great wonder and amazement, injecting a whole new dimension of audio to personal, undisruptive gaming and movie watching.”

Got to question that “undisruptive” part really; I’m all for superior sound quality, but I get the feeling a gamer’s competitive edge in multiplayer matches may suffer a bit if their head is bobbing around like one of those nodding dogs when they play.

They do like the part though. Available in black or white, the headband Is made from a comfortable Styrofoam build with the ear cups cushioned with anti-botic leather which is breathable, keeping your ears cool over long play sessions. 30mm sound drivers provide the audio power, with an in-line remote, microphone and USB connection for plug-andplay.

The Asus CineVibe headphones are available now, priced £58.99. It’s definitely an intriguing concept, but probably not the best gift idea for migraine sufferers, or so we’d imagine.

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