YouTube uploaders now get Warhol's 15 minutes of fame as clip length limit is increased

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If you’ve been sitting on a mini epic rather than uploading it to YouTube because of their 10 minute clip limit, you’ll be pleased to hear that from today you’ll be able to upload videos of up to 15 minutes in length.

“Without question, the number one requested feature by our creators is to upload videos longer than 10 minutes. We’ve heard you, and today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve increased the upload limit to 15 minutes,” reads the YouTube blog.

Clips upwards of 10 minutes were once the reserve only of those with a premium YouTube account, but improvements behind the scenes, not to mention the success of YouTube’s Content ID copyright protection system, which has led to increased cash flow from music labels and Hollywood, have made the upload increase possible.

To celebrate the new feature, YouTube will be running a competition inspired by pop-artist Andy Warhol, who famously proclaimed that everyone would get their fifteen minutes of fame at one point in their lives. Users who upload 15 minute clips with the tag “yt15minutes” may be put under the spotlight as a featured video on the homepage.

Gerald Lynch
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