Top 10 sci-fi movie gadgets that someone really should be making

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BladeRunner_Eye.jpgLast week’s Back to The Future hoax (in which evil internet fibbers said that we’d actually reached the date in the “future” that Marty McFly heads to) got me thinking. To be precise, it got me thinking “WHERE THE HELL IS MY MOTHER F***ING HOVERBOARD?”

You see, sci-fi cinema has a tendency to promise us the world, but none of the crazy ideas ever seem to come to fruition. Perfect example being flying cars; we’ve had them in comics and films for decades now, and you’re telling me we can send people to the moon, but cant get a car to fly? Pshshhhh!

So here’s my rundown on the best sci-fi gadgets that really do need to exist in the real world.

Admittedly, nearly all of the concepts and ideas in the films lead to some sort of disaster or other. But if the technology were in the hands of someone with the right intentions, someone who lacked hubris, who would use the gizmos for good and not personal gain, someone like… me…


Hit the gallery below to see Tech Digest’s Top 10 movie gadgets and gizmos that someone really should be making

Gerald Lynch
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  • they r working on dream access technology, where they can plug into the mind and translate the images seen.. so Minority Report idea of all these technologies could indeed be possible.. without the seeing into the future part lol
    i was surprised by your eternal sunshine idea. that doesn’t seem like a useful gadget. they say ppl do get memory lose from painful events, but it will play subconsciously and bug them.. sometimes leading them to repeat it so they can trigger memory retrieval and then deal with it. better to jus deal with it.

  • I think you need a bit more of a story with this as this isn’t really a news story in its current form. Perhaps you could write about why you like Michael so much
    It is hard to say such a thing is clear.

  • My ‘smart’ iPhone can’t deal with your poorly designed website. Interesting stuff but at least put it as 1 article, not 10.. 98% of each page is duplicated, not conducive to mobile browsing.
    I gave up after 3 pages but apart from that, and i may be repeating you in from the 7 other pages i couldnt be arsed waiting to down load on a poor O2 signal, where is the orgasmatron???? For 30 years I have Bern waiting patiently for it. DIY just not the same!!

  • In my view, star wars gadgets are nothing buy pure fantasy. There is no question of their becoming a reality.

  • The day is not far off when we enter the era of star wars and our lives will get revolutionized with star wars gadgets.

  • Please stop forcing people to click through (9 times) just to see one article just because you want to boost your hits/clicks/stats.

    We want an article on one page, not 10.

  • Great article ! I read that the Japanese are working on an “Ice Age” park. Cloning
    Wooly Mammoths and Saber Tooths. Still working on it last I heard.

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