Pull on your thermals; Star Wars: Battle for Hoth hits iPhone App Store

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Star Wars battle for hoth.jpgYou want a sure-fire iPhone app success story? Then you want either to be designing a tower defence game, or anything based on the Star Wars license. Want a really, really successful app? Combine the two, just like THQ have done with Star Wars: Battle for Hoth.

15 strategic levels set in the iconic icy wastes of The Empire Strikes Back’s opening scenes, it marries real-time strategy fun with all the memorable vehicles, characters and sound effects of the sci-fi space opera.

You’ll take on AT-ATs, Tie Fighters and of course Stormtroopers as you help the Rebel Alliance defend their doomed Echo Base on Hoth. Take down foes and you’ll earn credits, which will in turn let you upgrade your own forces as the game gets progressively more challenging.

Familiar but fun, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re a Star Wars or RTS fan.

Pick it up here from the App Store, priced £1.79.

Gerald Lynch
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