Sony reveal Cyber-shot WX5 and TX9

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Cyber-shot TX9.jpgWhereas 3D TVs still rub me up the wrong way slightly (my poor eyesight doesn’t help), I’m continually impressed by the effect when it’s applied to still photography. Dont ask me why, but the feeling of depth just seems a little more convincing, not to mention easier on the eye compared to watching a few-hours-long movie.

Sony seem to recognise this; after a firmware update that added 3D functionality to their NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras recently, they are now also launching two compact cameras with similar abilities. Due to be released in September, the Cyber-shot WX5 and Cyber-shot TX9 will both have 3D still-shooting capabilities straight out of the box.

Though both are 12.2 megapixel shooters, there are notable differences between the pair. For starters, the WX5 has a Sony G F2.4 lens and 5x optical zoom compared to the TX9’s Carl Zeiss lens and 4x optical zoom. The TX9 will also feature an optional waterproof covering, if you feel inclined to get friendly with Nemo and co.. Each camera can also shoot 1080i ACVHD video (in 2D) and has a battery life of around 115 minutes, enough for 230 shots.

The cameras’ 3D panorama mode pieces together information from as many as 100 images to produce depth in the final shot. As they can only be viewed via a HDMI connection on a 3D TV set you’re going to need a fair bit of gear to get the most out of these two though, so perhaps think about picking up something a little older/cheaper if 3D isn’t your thing.

No pricing available yet, but you’ll be able to pick these up by September in a range of colours.

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