Samsung Q Series laptops hitting the UK by the end of the month

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samsung_q_series-01.jpgSamsung’s new line of Q Series laptops are to hit UK stores by the end of the month, it has today been revelaed. With solid specs and a sensible price tag, they may well be ones to look out for if you’re in the market for a new portable PC.

The range is made up of three models, the Samsung Q330, Q430 and Q530. They come in sizes of 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches respectively, with prices starting at around the £599 mark.

With a metal-look chassis, the laptops can be bought with either Intel Core i3 or i5 CPUs, and feature HDMI ports, Bluetooth 3.0, N-Standard Wi-Fi and chiclet keypads as standard. Screen resolutions max out at 1366 x 768, which should be fine for the smaller models but wont look too special on the larger Q530 machines.

The Q series laptops can squeeze in up to 640GB of storage space, with Nvidia GeForce 310M graphics cards in the Q330 and HD-capable GeForce 330M cards in the Q430 and Q530 laptops.

Expect to find the Q Series laptops in stores by the end of July.

Gerald Lynch
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