RIM register blackpad.com, BlackBerry tablet incoming?

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blackberry tablet.jpgBlackBerry makers RIM have bought up the blackpad.com domain name, sparking fresh rumours that the Canadian tech giants are to reveal their own tablet device in the near future.

The site, which has laid dormant under the same owner since 2002, remains blank, with little HTML coding that could reveal RIM’s intentions.

RIM had recently announced a press conference to take place on August 3rd, which many believed would showcase the forthcoming BlackBerry 9800 slider handset. However, with blackpad.com now registered just prior to the event, could RIM be about to reveal the long-rumoured iPad-battling BlackBerry tablet running OS 6.

Admittedly, it’s not much to go on, but with the RIM press conference due next Tuesday, at least we wont have long to wait before we find out what they’ve got up their sleeves.

Via: MobileCrunch

Gerald Lynch
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  • Some competition for the iPhone plans would be great. i like the ipad, as a movie lover i spend ,most of my time on watching dvds, when i have this ipad, i use the aneesoft ipad apps to change all my dvds to ipad support format, and so far i’m very impressed with the ipad, only its a little heavy for me.

  • will be happy to be proved wrong with this one…. but having done survival training during my Army days, I have to admit to a raised eyebrow with this as well.

    I saw on the news that the money they dumped at Shire was fake, to represent the money he had raised. It wasn’t the actual money.

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