Pure and Marshall team up for the Evoke-1S Marshall radio

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Pure Evoke 1S Marshall.jpgPure and Marshall have joined forces once again to revamp their rocking Evoke Marshall range with the Evoke 1S Marshall radio.

Now complete with an aux-input for MP3 players, it also features an FM radio, an OLED display and support for all Profile 1 digital standards such as DAB, DAB+ and DAB-R, making it travel friendly if you take it on any European trips. While it runs off of mains power, it’s also compatible with the Pure ChargePak, allowing you to use it when a plug socket isn’t handy.

Made with as many real Marshall amp bits and bobs they could find, the solid wood radio is as sturdy as any full size radio, and, in a cheeky nod to classic mockumentary Spinal Tap, has a volume knob that goes all the way up to “11”.

It’s one drawback is that it only plays your tunes in mono-output, unless you fork out an extra £34.99 for the mini-Marshall amp auxiliary speaker to go along with it.

Paul Marshall of Marshall Amplification said: “We’re excited to bring the Marshall brand back to this fast growing segment of consumer electronics. Working with PURE we’ve created a digital radio that brings iconic Marshall design to an equally iconic radio that all listeners can embrace as a stylish statement of their love for music.”
Available from HMV in August, the EVOKE-1S Marshall will cost £119.99.

Gerald Lynch
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