iRiver ebook reader gets its price slashed

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Last week we brought you news that the iRiver ebook reader was adding a Wi-Fi connection to its already nifty spec sheet, but we were still a little bit put off by its price tag, especially with the incoming wave of multi functional tablet devices for not too much more cash on top.

It seems like someone was listening though, as we’ve just been informed that the iRiver WiFi Story EB03 is having over £50 slashed off its price tag, down from £250 to £199.

In terms of specs, as well as the aforementioned Wi-Fi, you’re looking at a solid 6 inch e-reader with a 600×800 resolution and 16 degrees of greyness. The Linux based software on board lets you view EPub, PDF, TXT, FBU and DJVU ebook files, as well as basic management of Microsoft Office files and a few standard picture formats. You also get audio playback of MP3, OGG and WMP. The full QWERTY keyboard just under the screen allows you to keep notes on the reader, so you can get tapping away at your own digital novel. iRiver also recently announced a tie-in with booksellers W H Smiths, who will provide ebooks through an updated online store, helping you fill the ereader’s 2GB of storage space.

So, a good week then for those looking to grab an iRiver. A Wi-Fi connection plus a massive discount may push the cheque books out from any fence sitters.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Well, your ebook reader Price is good, But not cheaper that Aluratek’s libre eBook Reader, It has more function and low-cost price compare to iRiver

  • That’s a very good news.I’m thinking about to buy it now.

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