iPhone add-on brings a telephoto lens to your Jesus phone

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image003.jpgAvid photographer, but feeling a little bit let down by the zoom function on your iPhone? Then take a look at this slightly-mad-but-also-ingenious little add-on that gives your smartphone a telephoto lens.

Clipping onto the back of your iPhone with the lens sitting over the handset’s own camera, it adds 8x zoom magnification on top of your mobile’s own zoom features. The lens has a field of view that stretches over 24 metres, and comes complete with a tripod to rid Mr Shaky Cam from your shots forever.

Ok, so it’s not gonna be a match for a paparazzi person with a stonking DSLR, but it might help you get a nice clear snap of an elusive hawk or something the next time you go bird-spotting.

Pick one up here for £29.99 from IWOOT.

Gerald Lynch
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