iPhone 4 reception issues? Try this Proporta case…

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proporta iphone 4 case.JPGThe iPhone 4 has been plagued with signal and reception issues since going on sale late last week. With no sure fire fix in sight (unless you’re prepared to hold the phone in a ridiculous fashion or hold out for some sort of potential firmware solution) you might be dropping important calls left, right and centre.

Or, you could try this new case from Proporta….

Their Antimicrobial Silicone case manages to clear up the signalling issue, whilst also protecting the shatter-prone screen from bumps and scratches. The germ-killing coating also means that your iPhone is a hygienic little blower, so it may well eliminate scratchy conversations due to sore throats too.

Now Proporta don’t go into detail as to how the reception fix works, but apparently it gives a much needed boost to the phone’s signalling problems. Perhaps the antimicrobial coating improves the phone’s immune system? I know I’m not up to much if I get all germed up.

What? You got a better reason?

Click here to give it a look.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Don’t worry, Apple is hiring signal engineers to rectify this problem in a few days. I hope they will do it soon.

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