iPad 2G: OLED screen, multiple sizes?

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iPad running iBookA fresh wave of iPad 2G rumours have popped up over on DigiTimes, bringing with them renewed speculation that the next iPad models will have OLED screens. But can the rumours be believed?

DigiTimes Joseph Tsai is claiming that Apple will be ditching the LCD screens they are currently using in the iPad in favour of OLED ones, which are notably less battery intensive but also a fair bit more expensive. However, considering the iPad already has a great battery and screen (not to mention the leaps they’ve made with LCDs as shown in the “Retina” display of the iPhone 4), it’s hard to see why they’d bother opting for more expensive, more difficult to procure tech.

Even less likely are Tsai’s claims that the iPad 2G will come in multiple sizes. He’s suggesting that 5.6 and 7 inch versions will accompany the standard 9.7 inch size in an attempt to “target the e-book reader market” . Er, I’m pretty sure iBooks is already doing a pretty convincing job of that on the iPad in its current size anyway, not to mention Apple’s stringent measures to differentiate the iPad from the iPod touch. Further blurring the lines between the two hardly sounds like a good idea.

We’ll likely see the iPad 2 pop up in the rumour mill a fair bit more in the coming months. Those OLED rumours will probably stick around too, but I wouldn’t believe them until they fall, kicking and screaming, out of Steve Jobs own mouth though.

Via: DigiTimes

Gerald Lynch
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  • They would call it the iPad 2 not the iPad 2G. Apple never uses OLED screens, and they have also confirmed that the iPad will not be available in 7″.

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