Xbox 360 Kinect motion sensor specs reveal two player cap

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The full specification sheet for Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller have been revealed by online retailers Play. It makes for interesting reading, particularly as it might scupper some wishes for madcap multiplayer parties with the new add-on.

That’s because while the Kinect cameras can track up to six players at once, it can only support two simultaneous players at any one time. You’re going to have to drop in and out of play if you’ve got a crowd around the telly, meaning the 4 way play of the likes of Mario Kart for the Wii is now definitely out of the window.

The two cameras have resolutions of 320 x 240 and 640 x 480, with the sensors picking up 20 skeletal points of movement on each player. The refresh rate of 30fps could potentially lead to some movement lag, but the range of between 1.2 metres and 3.5 metres paired with a 57-degree field of vision makes it a pretty comfortable fit for most households.

While Kinect may have the most impressive motion tech on a console, the PS3 Move and Wii multiplayer abilities may prove a deciding factor in this particular hardware war.

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