Jaybird launch the SB2 Bluetooth headphones, look a little bit mad

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Jaybird SB2 headphones.jpgJaybird are launching the SB2 Bluetooth headphones, a colourful range that wouldn’t look out of place on Marty McFly’s hoverboard-riding head.

Producing top notch bass-response and CD quality playback if your device supports apt-X, the headphones come in nine crazy colours with names like Sonic Blue and Lemonade Green. If you’re a reserved dresser, you might want to look elsewhere. But then you’d be an idiot as these are some snazzy headphones.

Specs wise, they aren’t to shabby either. 32-Ohm with an output of 15mW RMS, you’ll get 8 hours of playback from one charge, and ten days of standby battery life. Plus, if your device doesn’t support apt-X, you can grab a separate adapter to give your tunes a sonic boost.

Grab a pair here for $99.

Gerald Lynch
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One thought on “Jaybird launch the SB2 Bluetooth headphones, look a little bit mad

  • The trouble with this is you have to take your non sweatproof/rainproof ipod/iphone with you.

    A product which seems a lot better is here: http://www.mi-sportmp3.com
    The mp3 is built in so it`s self contained. Fully waterproof. Voice navigation gives you a luxury ride through albums/playlists, individual tracks and rew or FF within a track. No comparison to the one track at time Jaybird adapter which you have to buy extra. I think the Jaybird probably works ok but it`s not the best.

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