ViewQuest Wi-Fi Radio is big on stations, tiny in size

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ViewQuest Wi-Fi radio.jpgIf you’re a fan of digital radio but are sick of seeing DABs that could square up in size with an 80s boombox, then take a look at the ViewQuest Wi-fi Radio, now available from Firebox.

At just 72.9 x 125.1 x 23.1mm in size and weighing a mere 160g, it’s a pocket-friendly, Wi-Fi connected radio able to pick up nearly 11,000 web radio stations from across the globe.

Featuring a scroll wheel and LCD display, the ViewQuest Wi-fi Radio’s built-in rechargeable battery offers 15 hours of continuous playback, great for listening to lengthy podcasts or audio streams.

If you’re planning on taking the ViewQuest Wi-fi Radio to a park or any other place out of range of a wi-fi network, you’ll still be able to keep listening to the radio over an analogue signal thanks to a built in FM receiver too. UPDATE: Firebox have just had word in from thier supplier that this model does not in fact feature an FM reciever.

Perfect for listening in to the World Cup when away from a TV, you can pick this one up here from Firebox for £89.99.

Gerald Lynch
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