Google Chrome OS due for "late fall" 2010 release

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Google Chrome OS, the search giant’s first stab at an operating system to compete with the Mac OS and Microsoft’s Windows 7, will launch in “late fall” of 2010, according to one of the company’s vice presidents.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s Vice President for Product Management, made the announcement at Computex in Taipei earlier this week.

The announcement came surrounded by a flurry of new netbook and notebook news. But the long rumoured Acer Chome-based netbook that many expected to be revealed was not on show.

The cloud-based OS is primarily designed to work with laptops and notebooks, but Google have yet to announce any partners for the operating-system. Expect more news to follow as we draw ever closer to that “late fall” launch date.

Via: Reuters

Gerald Lynch
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