Top Tory MP's blog, Twitter and Facebook hacked

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Hackers have yesterday wreaked havoc with the Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts of Therese Coffey, Conservative candidate for Suffolk Coastal. Explicit messages were sent from Coffey’s accounts, with some grim remarks made about Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife.

Coffey eventually regained control of her accounts, and posted this message to Facebook:

“Apologies to everyone. My account has been hacked. Hopefully back under control now. I have the email address of the person who has hacked in, so hopefully I can do something about it.”

As politicians increasingly turn to social networking and the wider internet to engage with their constituents, expect to see this sort of smear attack become an increasingly regular occurrence.

Still, you can’t help but suspect Gordon Brown is sitting with his laptop somewhere laughing.

Via: London Spin

Gerald Lynch
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