Sony: Not all PS3 games easily ready for a 3D makeover

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ps3-slim.jpgThough the PS3 will only require a simple software update for 3D games to be compatible, the process of “retro-fitting” older 2D games into 3D is proving quite the challenge.

Simon Benson, senior development manager at Sony, discussed the process with Official PlayStation Magazine.

“I’m sure we will [retrofit more games with 3D], as adding 3D to a game can make it a whole new experience,” Benson explained.

“Retrofitting 3D is actually harder than building 3D into a game from the outset. One of the big issues is that all of the game assets were designed to work with only one HD output. Being able to render them twice to make a 3D output can be a challenge.”

The first wave of 3D-ready games will be hitting the PS3 in June, with Wipeout HD and Pain among the highlights. A 3D Blu-ray update for the console is also in the works, though no announcement has been made concerning its rescheduled roll-out date.

It looks to be a busy year for PS3 launches. Not only is 3D Blu-ray and 3D gaming on the way, but just over the horizon sits the launch of PlayStation Move, Sony’s motion control answer to the Wii and Microsoft’s Project Natal.

Via: CVG / TechRadar

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