Sony launch CMT-MX550i hi-fi

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Sony are looking to spruce up your tunes with a little help from their latest hi-fi system, the CMT-MX550i. Tech Digest got have a play about with it yesterday and came away suitably impressed by its lush tones and sleek looks.

Featuring a similar look to Sony’s recent batch of “monolitihc” Bravia TV’s, the CMT-MX550i has a classic feel to its design, with swathes of grey and black topped off by a no-nonsense angular look. With a fold out iPod dock on the front and space for a USB stick for mp3 playback, it’s a tidy little unit that shouldn’t seem out of place in most homes.

Sound quality was pretty special, pumping out 60W RMS output with a solid bass sound that didn’t overwhelm mids and trebles.

With a DAB radio and CD player also included, the circa £200 price tag seems very reasonable, so well worth a look when it launches in July.

Gerald Lynch
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  • We are quite pleased with this item. As it was to replace a 300 watt Technics system it would be unlikely to equal it, but we never used a third of its power. The sound is crisp and clear with no noticeable distortion up to the loudest volume we would use. The tone is pleasing on classical and popular music. The radio is clear with a loft aerial for the FM and the supplied antenna for DAB. The CD played discs which would not play on our previous system, so its ability to deal with scratches and errors seems good. Ipod connection and operation is as easy as you would expect. A couple of niggles. The instructions could be clearer on tuning in the radio. The unit comes with a connected lead and UK plug, rather that a plug in lead – this meant I couldn’t feed the lead through the small hole in my furniture and plug it in to the unit; I had to enlarge the hole to get the plug through. Knowing what I know now would I still buy it? Definitely yes.

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