O2 iPhone 4 pricing revealed

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o2-logo.jpgO2 have showed their iPhone 4 hand, laying down how much it’ll cost to grab the phone on their network.

Slightly cheaper than Orange’s plans, you can grab it for £25 per month over 24 months, or £30 a month on an 18 month contract. You’ll only get 100 minutes of calls however, and you’ll still have to spend between £209 and £323 for the handset, depending on how much storage space you want.

Splash a bit more money per month with O2 and you’ll get a few extra perks. £60 a month over two years (or £65 over 18 months) will get you unlimited, calls, texts and 1GB of data usage. A similar deal with Orange will set you back in the region of £75, so slightly undercutting there, even if unlimited data with O2 is a thing of the past.

Data is the decider with O2, whatever contract you’re going for. Unlimited Wi-Fi from The Cloud and BT Openzone, but 3G data capping will begin in October, so you’re going to need to stick fairly religiously to your allotted data allowance.

Full details for the iPhone 4 on O2 can be found here.

Gerald Lynch
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