Nokia C1 mobile has a whopping 6 week battery!

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C1.jpgWhat can you get for £25 these days? Well quite a lot if we’re talking ultra-cheap budget mobile phones from Nokia. The Nokia C1 is there latest handset to be released, and it has some features that’d turn the heads of even high-spec smartphone users.

First up is its incredible battery life; the Nokia C1 can last 6 weeks on a single charge, as opposed to the 8 or so hours you’d get out of a top-end handset. There’s also a handy flashlight, which would be useful in areas prone to power outages very much like the emerging markets Nokia is keen to capture.

Another interesting feature is the ability to support dual SIM cards, which can be switched between at the push of a button. There’s an FM radio tuner for some tunes too.

Nokia also offer two variants on the handset. The Nokia C1-01 is another Symbian S40 candybar, featuring an FM radio, VGA camera, expandable storage with microSD up to 32GB, web and email support, but only a single SIM slot, for £32. The Nokia C1-02 again has a single SIM slot, but also support for microSD cards and internet access for £29.

Sure, they wont set the world alight with their lowly specs, but that 6 week battery would make the C1 range the perfect handsets for anyone after a simple handset whilst travelling. The C1 will launch in Q3, with it’s two variants following before the end of the year.

Check out more images of the Nokia C1 in the gallery below

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