Mum tracks down kidnapped children through Facebook

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Facebook collage.jpgA Californian mother has tracked down her two missing children through Facebook after they had been kidnapped 15 years earlier.

The woman’s husband, Faustino Utrera , had left with the children, vowing to never let her contact them again.

After searching for her daughter’s name on the social network, the woman eventually tracked her children down, and began sending them messages. She then contacted the San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney Kurt Rowley, eventually leading to the Utrera’s arrest and the safe return of her children after all those years.

It almost sounds like one of those strange viral emails you get sent about magical, feel good happenings, doesn’t it? Don’t forget to forward this story onto 100 people to ensure you have good luck and long lasting health! Or something…

Gerald Lynch
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  • My friendly webmate advised me to readthis blog. He said it offers good ingormation that I need.

  • And the latest fashion is getting divorced on facebook. People enjoy others poking their noses in their life.

  • Wow! It sounds like a screenplay of a drama. But that convinced me Facebook is not totally stupid thing.

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