iOS4 launches, but many third party apps aren't ready

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iphone 4.0 os

If you’re an Apple die-hard, you were likely waiting with baited breath for yesterdays iOS4 software update. Bringing multi-tasking among other features to select iPhone and iPod models, and later to the iPad, it appears it hasn’t been the smoothest of transitions for many users.

The main problem lies with third-party apps. Developers had about a week to make their applications compatible with iOS4, but it appears that thousands upon thousands have not been given a second look, leading to numerous crashes and problems.

It’s not just throwaway cheap apps affected either; high profile apps such as, which has a huge following, has been affected with many are reporting problems with it.

It also means that, apart from the few native Apple apps, the much touted multi-tasking feature is all but useless. As it stands, there are very few third-party apps that have tidy app switching.

It is, of course, a problem that should diminish over time, as more developers make the necessary changes. But still, for the time being perhaps try sticking to apps that have the “iOS 4.0 Tested” badge on the App Store right now.

Gerald Lynch
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