Griffin launch PowerJolt range of iPad easy-charging gear

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Griffin have launched a wide new range of charging solutions for Apple’s new toy, the iPad.

Powerjolt micro.jpgFirst up is the PowerJolt Micro. Despite being a compact in-car charger, it still offers 2.1 Amps of charging power, the fastest charge that the iPad can handle. Compatible with practically any vehicle charger or 12 volt accessory socket, it also has a detachable USB cable for syncing to a PC or Mac. It’s priced up at £16.99

Powerjolt Plus.jpgThe PowerJolt Plus is similar to the Micro, but can also be used to charge iPhones, iPods, GPS devices and a host of other gadgets too from your cars power socket. It’s available for £19.99.

Powerjolt SE.jpgNext up is the PowerJolt SE. Again compatible with iPods, iPads and iPhones, it features a 23.5 inch captive-coiled cable that will allow back-seat passengers to use the device as it is being charged, making it probably the best option here for families embarking on long road trips. It’ll set you back £16.99.

Powerjolt.jpgLast up is the basic PowerJolt model for Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad. It too offers 2.1 Amps of fast-charging power and a sync cable, and also features LED lights to keep you informed on how much juice your gadget has left. It costs £16.99

“Griffin Technology has always been at the forefront of Apple accessories, and the iPad is no different; our new range aims to keep the iPad connected and protected at all times.” said Paul Griffin, Founder and CEO of Griffin Technology Inc.

All Griffin’s chargers are available from Apple Stores now. They’ve also got a few fair good-looking frames and cases, so give them a look too while you’re at it.

Gerald Lynch
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