Currys recognise Lampard's disallowed World Cup goal in Cash for Goals promotion


While there’s no excusing England’s frankly shocking performance and exit out of the World Cup finals yesterday, there’s also no denying that Frank Lampard had quite a scorching goal brutally and mistakenly disallowed. It could well have turned the tide of the match, but alas, it was not to be.

Still, even if the ref needs a new pair of specs (or at least the help of goal-line technology), at least electrical retailers Currys are giving England fans something to smile about; they WILL recognise Frank Lampards goal, meaning they’ll be giving a further £10 voucher (£10 for each of the 3 goals – plus an extra £10 voucher for the one that got away) to customers who bought a TV over and above £599 and who signed up for the promotion initially as part of their “Cash for Goals” World Cup deal.

Currys Marketing Director, Niall O’Keeffe commented: “Like every other England fan, and pretty much every person around the world who watched the match, we believe that Frank Lampard scored a legitimate goal on Sunday. We promised our customers £10 back for every goal the team scored in the World Cup and we stand by that so we’re officially recognising it and will be giving all eligible customers a free £10 gift voucher for the goal that got away.”

He added: “England may have got the red card – but our customers will get a gift card. Although it’s no consolation for an early World Cup exit we’d like to give a bit back to the fans who’ve had so little to cheer about over the last couple of weeks.”

Every cloud has a silver lining and all that other stiff upper lip malarkey I suppose.

Note: The £10 vouchers deal is only for customers who have already signed up for the Cash For Goals promotion.

Gerald Lynch
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  • I haven’t received my money either, and there’s no contact details published anywhere either.

  • Has anyone ACTUALLY received the cash promised by Currys. I bought 2 TV’s, did the registration thingy, sent it off with the correct paperwork, and after 12th July, but NO CASH on either mine or my mum’s forms.

    Can you complain, doubt it, no responsibility for loss of forms, etc. Well that means that they can disregard about 40% of the applications dont u think !

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