Streetmuseum – the world's smartest augmented reality app?

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H. G. Wells eat your heart out! The iPhone 3GS has been turned into a time machine with a brand new augmented reality app from the Museum of London called Streetmuseum.

Using your iPhone’s camera and GPS tracker in tandem, the app gives you an historical tour of London as you point your smartphone at points of interest. The app will overlay an archived image of the how the area looked in the past onto the iPhone screen, letting you compare the modern world with days gone by.

The app also features a ton of historical info expertly picked by the team at the Museum of London.

Great for both tourists and Londoner’s looking to get a little bit more out of the capital, it’s a free download that is definitely worth giving a spin.

iPhone 3GS owners can grab it here. The app is also available for older iPhone models, but wont feature the augmented reality modes.

Gerald Lynch
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