Samsung launch bada OS SDK for app developers

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Samsung Wave.jpgSamsung’s new OS, bada, has been getting a fair amount of attention for the last few months now, with the sleek Samsung Wave handset the first phone to get it when it launches in a few months time. However, a new OS these days lives or dies by the quality of its apps, and so the launch of an SDK for the bada OS today and the quality of the applications it eventually produces could make or break the platform.

Third party developers can now begin work on apps for the OS by signing up for free for the SDK over at the Samsung bada developer site.

Closer inspection of Samsung’s announcement concerning the SDK reveals a few more facts about bada. Best of the bunch is full Flash support, something both the iPhone and iPad sorely lack, and facial recognition abilities which could offer interesting alternatives to passworded security.

Not every mobile application store has been a runaway success though (Palm’s catalogue and the Nokia Ovi Store come to mind). We’ll keep a close eye on bada in the coming months as Samsung look to take on the iPhone and the mighty App Store.

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Gerald Lynch
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