Richard Branson's Virgin Games to return at E3?

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virgin text.jpgBillionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson looks set to resurrect the Virgin Games brand, if a report by trade site MCV is to be believed.

Branson will be making an appearance at next month’s E3 gaming expo, where he is expected to a reveal Virgins’ latest gaming venture, an online market looking to capitalise on the growing communities of the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

Virgin Games was founded in the early 1980’s (later to become Virgin Interactive) and earned itself a reputation as a “rock n’ roll” publisher thanks to the excessive partying of it’s staff. A string of hits across the 16bit consoles of the 90’s put them on level playing field with the likes of EA, partly thanks to the quality of their Disney liscenced titles.

Any shout outs for Virgin Game’s remakes or revivals? Cool Spot? I would KILL to see a Cannon Fodder remake, seriously.

Gerald Lynch
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