Over half of UK workforce plan to watch World Cup on office PCs

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A survey of 2,000 UK workers conducted by ISP Eclipse has suggested that as much as half the British workforce plan on sneakily streaming World Cup matches at work on their office PCs.

54 percent will tune into some of the games on their work computers, with a quarter believing there would be no impact on the speed of applications if all employees watched games online at work via online streaming sites.

However, while the inevitable penalty shoot-outs may wreak havoc on our nerves, mass-streaming at work could also cause office networks to falter.

Clodagh Murphy, director of Eclipse, said: “UK workers clearly want to watch World Cup matches live on their PCs. However, we advise all businesses to be mindful about the impact this could have on their day-to-day business operations. Streamed content uses a lot of bandwidth and this could seriously impact the performance of their business internet connection.”
“It could take much longer to download important files or use business-critical applications such as e-commerce sites, email or online backup. It might even lead to office computer systems crashing,” she said.

Eclipse expect major problems to hit workplace networks on June 23rd at around 3pm. Why? It’s England’s group match against Slovenia, and their only group stage game kicking-off during work hours.

Gerald Lynch
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