USB memory support hits the Xbox 360

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xbox 360 usb support.jpgHere’s a free little treat for Xbox 360 owners. Connect to Xbox Live today and you’ll be greeted with an update that allows data to be saved to USB memory sticks. It’ll let you back-up your saves and Arcade downloads and take your profile on the go without the need for a pricey memory unit, which was until today limited to the tiny 512MB official card after Microsoft’s recent third-party accessory cull.

You’re limited to 16GB of data moved or stored on any flash device, but that should be relatively sufficient for most gamer’s needs. As far as we are aware, all flash drives are compatible, but there’s a first-party Microsoft stick on the way for those who insist that all their gear matches.

Sure, PS3 fan-boys are laughing at this late-to-the-party update from Microsoft. They’ve been happily transferring stuff from USB drives since day one, as well as being able to stick any hard-drive of their choice in.

But try dampening the spirits of any Xbox 360 owner who has lost a 50+ hour save of Mass Effect 2 because they couldn’t back up their hard-drive saves until now. It’s enough to make a grown man cry, and that’s speaking from experience.

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  • YES! Thank you Microsoft! I’ve been waiting for this day for SO long!

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