Spotify update adds Facebook integration

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Spotify have today rolled out a major update to their music streaming service, which sees it thoroughly integrate with Facebook, allowing you to easily share tracks and playlists with your pals.

A quick set-up wizard connects your Facebook profile to the program, which makes all your Spotify-using Facebook friends visible in a new friends list on the right hand side of the program. You can then drag and drop tracks and playlists to share them with your friends, which will appear in a new inbox feature.

Publish your best playlists and the whole Spotify userbase can grab them, with a handy counter to see how many people are into your selection. Playlists get artwork too now – a little mosaic of a selection of the track’s artwork making up the image.

You can now also import local files into the service too, which can now be played directly from Spotify. If your MP3 collection is a bit of a mess, Gracenotes now tidies it all up for you to boot. These local files can also be sent wirelessly to your Spotify mobile app, and will seamlessly integrate with any cloud-based tracks.

Finally you can “star” or favourite tracks to more easily keep a note of new music you love. Your new profile tracks the artists and songs you’ve listened to the most recently too if you wanted to keep a track of your changing tastes.

All good, and, as you’d expect from Spotify, all incredibly intuitive. Apple better roll out their rumoured iTunes update soon, because if ever there was time for a mass migration to Spotify, it’s now.

The update will roll out to all Spotify users automatically in the next few days, but if you cant wait that long, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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