Slim Xbox 360 with 250GB hard drive and Natal for under £200 by Xmas? So say analysts …

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The rumours of a slimmed-down Xbox 360 hitting stores this year are hotting up again. But now analysts are predicting not only that the smaller console will arrive before Christmas, but that it’ll come bundled with a 250GB hard drive and the Project Natal motion controller for the cheap, cheap price of $299 (£194).

Michael Patcher, Wedbush Morgan analyst, said this week: “At a minimum, we anticipate the introduction of a more feature-packed Xbox 360 as the standard SKU in late 2010 (likely with a 250GB hard drive) at the same $299 price point,” he said in a research note.

“It is far more likely that we will see a slim version of the Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive and with Project Natal bundled into the box while maintaining the $299 price point,” he added.

A PS3 slim or a slim 360 nestled under the tree this Christmas? Choices, choices …

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