Shiny Media survey says one in four will buy an iPad this year


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Good news for Apple. It seems that an awful lot of Brits want to buy an iPad.
Earlier this week we asked the readers of the Shiny Media websites would they buy an iPad this year? And with over 500 responses in one in four readers of the websites (which include fashion and lifestyle titles as well as technology ones) say that they will buy an iPad in 2010.

Of course our reader demographics are skewed toward the 18-30 age group who are more likely to invest in new technology, but it still a massive thumbs up for tablet PCs in general and the iPad in particular.

For me the interesting bit is that the backlash which followed the launch of the iPad seems to have done little to dent consumer demand for the device. I am guessing but for many users too the tablet PC will be an additional purchase to their laptop rather than a replacement for it.

There’s still no news on when the iPad will launch in the UK – the clever money is on April 24th – but then again Apple does have a history of not hitting expected UK launch dates.

The US launch is on April 3rd and the latest figures from the US are that it could sell between five and six million iPads this year.

If Apple can reach 1.5% of the US population with an iPad this year the tablet PC will have arrived. If it exceeds that figure in the UK, and our survey suggest that this is a real possibility, it really will have revolutionised the way in which people users computers in the home.

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  • Why would anyone want one? no flash, not upgradable, gimmicky HD which can only shorten battery life which cannot be changed.

  • I’m not terribly surprised at the above figure. Regardless of the iPad’s controversial nature (I won’t be buying one myself in favour for a better, PC-based tablet), the one thing that Apple does better than almost any company in the world is marketing. Generating a hype is what they are used to, and as a result the initial surge of sales will more than justify the iPad’s existance – good product or not.

  • Who is spreading out these rumors?? I think they wanted to say out of 400 people may be 1 will buy it. Because I have seen the response iPad got at different discussion and iPad has failed at 80 places out of 100.

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