Firebox to stock Pogoplug hard drive networking whirlygig


image006.jpegTechy Toy’R’Us, Firebox have today announced they will be stocking the Pogoplug. A nifty little device that plugs into your external HD and streams its content all over the web and to your mobile devices — which is pretty neat.

A plug-and-play wonder, all you need to do to get this thing going is plug it into your router and into your external HD. Though this might be a bit tricky if your router is a wireless one and is nowhere near your computer.

We’re not a hundred percent sure of the applications for this little product though. Maybe for someone who’s off traveling has taken a small external HD with them to keep all their snaps and stuff on? It’d let their family download their snaps? But even then there are a million simpler ways to do this.

What we’re more excited about is it working the other way. So, say your on holiday and you’ve filled your camera’s memory card, you can log on to any computer with an Internet connection, then jettison your snaps onto your HD, and not have to worry about them till you get home, leaving your newly empty card ready to receive snaps again. That is useful. And it’s got an iPhone app, so you can stream episodes of The Cleveland Show to your iPhone when you’re bored on the bus.

This robust brightly designed little number will be available for £99 and is compatible with all major OSs. Or you could just use Dropbox.

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  • I think that’s really cool.I am looking forward to use this new feature. Thanks for sharing this news to us..

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