iPhone 4G revealed – POLL: WWSJD (What Would Steve Jobs Do) next?

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steve jobs front face thumb.jpgSo your flagship gadget for the next 18 months, the iPhone 4G, has been revealed prematurely to the world, tech bloggers have pulled it apart and the internet is rife with conspiracy theories as to how and why this could happen.

Steve Jobs is probably having one really bad day.

But as the CEO and public figurehead of the company, you’d bet your bottom dollar Jobs has a contingency plan for this kind of thing.

So, WWSJD? Or for those not fond of unmemorable acronyms, What Would Steve Jobs Do?

Answers in the poll below.

Gerald Lynch
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  • haha, knowing steve jobs. in like 3 months he’ll come out and be all like “so you may have heard a few things about our future plans, well that was 3 months ago, now we have this…. HO SHIT!!!”

    and he pulls out some 3D HD 3G WI-FI all singing all dancing super phone

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