First generation fat PS3s bricked by new 3.21 firmware update

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Brick PS3If you’ve got an old-style bread-bin PlayStation 3 now would be a good time to switch off your internet router. The latest update from Sony’s servers is causing nightmares for first generation PS3 owners, bricking their consoles and stopping them from connecting to the internet.

The 3.21 firmware update was intended to remove the ‘Install Other OS’ widget from the console’s system settings menu. While installing Linux onto the console has been a valuable tool for educational institutions, hackers have exploited the option to run illegal ROMs and carry out other naughty practices.

The update however is causing myriad problems. Worst of all are reports of infinite install cycles that cannot be cancelled or undone, but even those lucky enough to have the update work are complaining that their internet connections are now sluggish, their games and blu-ray films will no longer be read by the console and that their HDMI settings randomly and erratically change.

Opting out of the install isn’t the best alternative either, as refusing the update locks users out of the online PlayStation Network.

The news comes hot on the heels of the PS3’s clock issues, which was also causing PS3 consoles to be unusable. There are now even conspiracy theories flooding forums that Sony are looking to phase out the old-style fat PS3s which have been most plagued by the problems of late.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Bricked mine i’m freaked have it for three years now and i treat it like a baby…and no satisfaction from sony what a joke…I originally had a three sixty but t bricked while watching a dvd and now this..Wanna play red dead redemption like

  • Ya… my 40GB stopped playing games and blu-rays right after the update too. Way to go Sony! Thanks for nothing.

  • Mine got bricked. I wish I was as lucky as the rest of you. It’s not just me either, the PS3 support forum has one topic with MANY replies about the issue.

  • And what if youre maybe a xbox fanboy and just want to make the people downloading the firmware update to destroy our ps3s?

  • Nup, mine’s borked. It’s jammed on trying to install the update. Won’t rest, nothing…

  • Computer code is a very old source of what could be seen as magic or sorcery, the hiero of the present age.

    You know your body and all you are is made with the same type of code?

  • Fat refurbished 20gig PS3 is still alive and kicking after 3.21 fw update.

  • Never update straight away always leave it a week or two, same applise to your windows PC.

  • This is terrible! Even the best efforts of the highest caliber engineers at Sony could not account for this unforeseen difficulty. How unfortunate it is that Sony customers who owned old, but quite usable Playstations, will now have to purchase new Playstations. Computers are such strange and mysterious things. Almost anything can happen with them.

    I certainly hope manufactures of other digital devices are making a note of the situation Sony has gotten itself into.


    No doubt the whole industry is watching this affair. This is not the first time a digital device has “self destructed”. Purposely destroying your customers’ older models is becoming the method of choice to boost sales. This will become more and more common until the Government brings the gavel down on the company unfortunate enough to be the last one to try it.

  • Touch wood, no problems here so far. Installed it when it came out a few days ago.

  • Have been waiting to see this article for a few days. I have the old 40 gb version and it has never had a problem until 3.21 and now it freezes when playing anything blu-Ray related!

  • same here ma2news. I have the original 60gb. No issues with the update.

    Maybe xbots loosers out there.

  • Not had a single problem… sounds like the xbox fanboys are out and about trying to cause trouble, this kind of story pops up with every firmware update….

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