Avatar director James Cameron aims to put 3D camera on Mars

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james cameron thumb.jpgOscar winning Avatar director James Cameron is planning to turn his 3D camera away from the fantasy world of Pandora and take it to the surface of the planet Mars.

After budget issues forced NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to scrap plans to put a 3D camera onboard the new Curiosity Mars rover in 2011, long-time supporter Cameron has waded in and seen that 3D imagery will indeed be beamed from Mars.

As the plan now stands, the footage will use a 34mm fixed focal length flight camera. For Avatar, Cameron and colleagues developed a lightweight 3D digital camera system, the Fusion Camera, in order to achieve the movie’s ground-breaking visual style.

A tenner says there is nothing as dumb as the Nav’i to film on a real extraterrestrial planet though.

Gerald Lynch
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